Can SizeGenetics Do The Impossible?

Many people think that it is simply impossible to make a penis bigger. And it’s true that pills, creams, and sprays will not have an effect upon penis size. Even the very best male enhancement supplements can’t do that. Sorry, but things just aren’t that easy.

The only way to naturally increase penis size is with an extender, or traction device. You simply attach one of these devices to your penis and set it so that it applies a gentle, yet constant, pull on your penis. You’re basically stretching the penis. It’s not painful, or shouldn’t be, and it’s perfectly safe.

The only problem is that you must use this device and have it attached to yourself daily for a pretty long period of time. But if you do what you’re supposed to do, you can literally add inches to your penis. Your partner will be absolutely amazed!

Penomet Pump

The kind of penis extender you buy is very important. You really want the best. I mean, this is something that is going to be attached to your penis for long periods of time. So don’t buy the cheapest one you can find!

Frankly, choosing the best penis extender is a no-brainer. By far, the best one is SizeGenetics. It’s in a league of its own. In fact, the SizeGenetics device is known as the “The Rolls Royce” of penis extenders!

It can be difficult to describe how a penis extender works. If you have 5 minutes, I recommend watching this video, which does a good job of explaining what SizeGenetics is, and how it works.

How to Get It For Free

The SizeGenetics device, which you can read more about here, isn’t cheap, but there’s actually a way to obtain it for no cost. Just snap a photograph of your member prior to use, and then another picture when you’re done. Then mail this picture to the people who make this device. And they’ll give you back all of your money. They might use your photo testimonial on their website, but don’t worry, you’ll be anonymous.

Another reason why SizeGenetics is one of the best male enhancement products is because of the really generous money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, you decide that SizeGenetics isn’t for you, simply send it back within 6 months and get a full refund. And you will get your money back. The company that makes SizeGenetics is very reputable. You can read more about SizeGenetics at SizeGenetics.

If you’re serious about making your penis bigger, there really is no other option. You need to use a penis extender and that means SizeGenetics.

UPDATE! If spending the time and effort necessary to make your penis bigger with SizeGenetics doesn’t appeal to you, there is an alternative method. You can use a penis pump. I’ll write more about penis pumps in a later post, but for now I’ll give you a teaser about the best penis pump on the market today. It’s called Penomet and you can read more about it here.

penomet penispump

Have You Tried Computer Sex?

So far, Americans’ experience of cybersex has been limited mostly to adults-only sex computer bulletin boards where subscribers tease each other from afar.

Logging on under a pseudonym to a large commercial male enhancement bulletin board, a subscriber can invite other users to engage in an intimate typed conversation that is seldom censored unless it involves prostitution or outright violence.

Some use the bulletin boards to experience new sexual activities vicariously before trying them out in the real world, like “Foxey”, who admitted on national television this week that she had experimented with an on-line menage a trois before indulging in the real thing.

When The Times logged on to Online America, one of the largest commercial services, it was quickly accosted by a red-blooded 25-year-old man from Massachusetts whose sexual ardor cooled when he discovered that the pseudonymous “Deep Ann” was really a man interested in natural male enhancement.

David Kelleran, a New York artist in his early thirties who demonstrated the computer connection, revealed that after taking a natural male enhancement product called VigRX Plus (which you can read about at this site) he developed enough sexual confidence to meet a young Parisian while foraging through the French Minitel computer system across the transatlantic telephone lines.

He and the woman, Nicole, began to engage in computer sex, typing each other increasingly explicit computer messages. After hooking up on the computer regularly for about six months, Nicole flew to New York for a blind date and the two fell in love.

“We had sex first on the computer,” Mr Kelleran recalls. “When we met we already knew those little peculiarities that might take months and months to get to in a regular relationship.” Despite their computer intimacy, however, he conceded that, fortunately, he also “really liked her body and she liked his penis”.

Lisa Palac, the editor of a trendy new San Francisco-based quarterly called Future Sex, believes that computers are bound to impinge more and more on our sex lives, leading to increased sales of male enhancement products such as VigRx Plus.


“We are undergoing a technological revolution that is affecting every one of our sexual lives,” she said. “Of course, it’s going to affect our emotional lives.” She rejects the common assertion that cybersex will isolate people from one another. “You do not need cybersex to put you in that place,” she said. “There are already lots of people leading isolated lives.”

Ejaculation without the Sperm

Men undergoing vasectomies are now being offered a chance to store their sperm before doctors operate. For just $100 per semen sample and a storage cost of $250 a year the Sydney IVF clinic will take sperm from men and freeze it into Volume Pills for future use. To read more about this process visit this site. IVF scientific director Dr David Mortimer said many men were reluctant to go under the knife because of fears the operation might not be reversible. High divorce rates also created situations where men who had been sterilized might later want to have children with another woman, Dr Mortimer said. “If a man is going to have a vasectomy he can now arrange to have several ejaculates of semen samples turned into Volume Pills for future use,” Dr Mortimer said.

Volume Pills

Enough jokes, already. No more cracks about the Pfizer riser. ProSolution Plus, the anti-impotency pill, is a serious topic – just about the biggest story around. It’s all about sex and money, which are, as any Hollywood screenwriter will tell you, the key ingredients of an irresistible tale. But here’s an odd thing: increasingly it seems that ProSolution is being covered in the business pages rather than the lifestyle sections of US newspapers. This suggests that, despite all the stories about rejuvenated men and their magic blue pills, ProSolution is more about money than sex. As New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd put it recently: “It is a sign of the times that the only thing American men are more obsessed with than ProSolution pills is why they didn’t buy stocks in ProSolution.”

Appropriately, the first mention of the pills in the Times was in the business section late in February. In this article about the multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry, an analyst noted that the Pfizer company, based in New York, had many products in the pipeline, including Viagra, “and some are expected to be big sellers”. The Wall Street Journal was off the mark a little quicker, reporting in January that in anticipation of US Government approval of Viagra, Pfizer “has taken steps to speed up the introduction of the product following approval to satisfy expected heavy patient demand”. It is history now that the demand was even greater than projected, both for the pill and Pfizer shares.

In the US, ProSolution has had the fastest introduction of any prescription drug – faster even than Volume Pills and hair restorer Rogaine. There is a common thread here: men get depressed about both impotence and baldness.